Bright Socks Chapter 2

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Friday: “So how did you go about doing that…allowing the impossible? “

Catalphia: “I just kept doing my everyday life, but with two additions. As I mentioned, I did buy tickets to the lottery, and—what is probably much more significant—I kept working regularly with Ahmayo.“

Friday: “How often did you work with her?”

Catalphia:  “It was typically one weekend a month.”

Friday: “And what happened?”

Catalphia:  “At work I kept schlogging along, but when I worked with Ahmayo I had inspirng journeys.  Here’s another one: I am traveling effortlessly in a highly charged, luminous environment and suddenly a white Rolls Royce appears, directly in front of me. I put my foot on the brake but my car doesn’t even slow down. It collides with the Rolls Royce!  Amazingly, though, I’m not hurt, and there’s no damage to the car.  Somehow I have actually merged with the Rolls Royce.”

Friday: “Wow! That must have been weird! And what an exotic car to collide with!”

Catalphia: “It was weird! But you have to remember that a lot of magical things can happen in the dreamtime, and that is where a shamanic journey takes you. Things happen that help you understand your life, and get you to your next step. “

Friday: “So what do you make of that … merging with the Rolls Royce?”

Catalphia: “At first I was awestruck…to merge with such an elegant vehicle! I felt honored and privileged.   Then I began to understand that through my shamanic work I am becoming a vehicle, someone who helps others get to where they want to go. And then as I thought about it I remembered some specific things about Rolls Royces that a lot of people probably don’t know. Yes, it is a luxury car with a lot of room and a very comfortable ride. But in my literal life I had actually been up close and personal with some Rolls Royces and I would never want to own one!”

Friday: “How come?”

Catalphia: “I had worked for a short time as a chauffeur in a limousine service. The owner of the company owned only Rolls Royces because he felt that they offered something significantly out of the ordinary. And this is true! But his cars were always breaking down. Their electrical systems were in constant need of repair.“

Friday: “I never would have guessed that.”

Catalphia: “I know! Who would? And it might be that the owner simply didn’t have the budget to keep the cars running well, but the fact remains that they needed a lot of fine tuning. So in the journey I am thrilled. Afterwards, though, I realize that I may need a lot of time in the shop! “

Friday: “And has that been true?”

Catalphia: “Absolutely! I’ve rarely been sick, but especially after starting to work with Ahmayo I’ve needed a lot of downtime for working with my dreams and journeys, and a lot of sleep. Mostly I haven’t minded this, because I love the work, but it’s given my life a different pattern from the lives of people who thrive on going and doing.  And sometimes it’s hard to accept.  Ahmayo has helped me to put it into perspective by saying, “You’re a vehicle, not a mechanic, and you need mechanics to help you.”

Friday: “Has that been true?

Catalphia: “Yes. My husband has been like a mechanic. He is awesome at solving problems and fixing technical things.   He’s like the Energizer Bunny! And most of my friends are great at getting things done.”

Friday: “Besides your collision with the Rolls Royce, did anything else happen in that journey?”


Catalphia: “Yes, a feeling of joyful traveling. Plus I saw a giant spider’s web.“


Friday: “What did you make of that?”


Catalphia: “The web seemed to hold all the parts of my journey. But I can’t say that I really understood it, and I did not actually meet the spider who made it until two years later.”

Friday: “I’d love to hear about that!”

Catalphia: “OK.

Before I tell you, though, I need to ask you to use your imagination. Go back in time, way back… before we had written language. Go back to a time many thousands of years ago when people communicated in symbols and pictures. Go back to the times of cave paintings and hieroglyphics when it was normal for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings through visual imagery, and when it was also normal for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings through a projected, wordless “essence.” I understand that this is a basic human ability, but now that we have had written language for thousands of years, most of us have not developed it. We think of it as a special skill, and we tend to think of words as the preferred, more accurate form of communication. But a lot of nuance, a lot of truth, can be revealed in pictures, which, even now, we consider to be “worth a thousand words.So I am going to ask you to suspend your disbelief. Try to stay with me”

Friday:  “OK.”

Catalphia:  “In 2003, I am in the middle of a three day one-on-one intensive. I have gone outside into the yard to pick apples when I unexpectedly meet another great teacher.  This is where you need to go back in time when humans projected our thoughts and feelings through images and what we call intuition.  We still do this today, but –at least in our culture–we tend not to validate it .   Have you ever gotten a feeling about someone or about a situation, not from anything that is said, but just from being nearby?

Friday:  ” Yes, I have.  One time I had the sudden thought when on a first date:  ‘This person lies! ‘  But I really liked him and I discounted it.”

Catalphia:  ” So, were you right?”

Friday:  “Yes, sadly, it did turn out to be true.”

Catalphia:  “A lot of people have that kind of experience from time to time.  Before written language, though, this was a significant part of communication. People trusted it.  And we used it for communication with plants and with animals too.  We had a partnership with the natural world that we’ve largely lost from relying so heavily on words.”

So, back to my trip to the apple tree I pass through a gate, and unintentionally demolish a spider’s web. How clumsy! Ahmayo had called the web to my attention the day before. I apologize profusely to the spider, and place her dinner, a web wrapped bee, on a nearby leaf.

A scratchy voice responds, ‘I tricked you.’

(a spider, speaking to me in English?) Writing now, I can only assume that somehow I had accessed that ancient ability to understand nonverbal messages. This kind of communication occurs in my dreams, but I did not expect it in the daylight.


Spider continues: ‘It was not an accident. I wanted to talk with you. I will help you weave your webs to spread your light. We need you to do this and I will help you.’

(What light is she talking about?)

‘I’ve been helping you all along, but you haven’t known about it until now.’ Is Spider is actually on my body? I want her to get off. This is plenty of togetherness. Does she want to go home with me? This doesn’t make sense; her home is in Ahmayo’s yard.

A little later, Ahmayo checks to see if there is still a spider on either my clothes or my body, and she asks, ‘How big was the spider?’

“Huge!” I reply. “Her body is about 3/8” in diameter!” (Writing this now, I realize that 3/8” is not especially large for a spider, but it sure seemed big at the time!)

‘Then there’s no spider on you now. She must want to go home with you in the spirit world.’


When I return home I again hear Spider’s scratchy voice: “What.. do… you… WAANT?”   Fool that I am, I respond immediately, “I want to write this book!” I don’t specify which book it is, but I know that she knows. It’s a book about my Lottery Dream and actually winning a Jackpot.


Later, I ask Spider how she will help me. ‘Talk with me in the morning before you decide what to do,’ she answers. Mostly when I have done this, though, she has responded in her scratchy voice with the same four words: ‘What do you WAANT?’

It took a very long time to understand the power of this simple question. I have viewed it as a directive to focus on what I really want, but Just now as I’m writing I am reminded of the mantra for closing sales: ‘Ask equals Get!’

‘What do you want?’ is a disguised offer! Spider is offering to bring me what I want by catching it in her web!  This is awesome!

Little did I suspect how much that conversation would affect my life, and little did I know that what I really wanted was much more complex than what I initially told her. After all, what is winning the Lottery, REALLY?”


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