My Story About Money 1: Introduction

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Have you ever had someone say to you, “It’s not about the money, it’s the principle of the thing.” They’re lying. It is absolutely about the money–and it’s also about the principle of the thing.  The principle of the thing is embedded in the money.  We humans have such a tendency to make things either/or, when often they’re really both/and.

And have you ever noticed that –when people write about their own lives– they rarely talk about money? I’ve often wondered about famous writers: “Where did your money come from? Did someone support you? Did you inherit money?” There is often a lack of transparency in the money department. In contrast, money is a major player in the story I want to tell.

My story about money is definitely a both/and story; there are lots of parts to it. And it’s not just about money in its literal form. It’s about my search for what it takes to be paid. Why has this been so difficult? It’s been confusing to the extent that I’ve become a detective, following clues in my own life to find out what has really happened, what I have inherited and how I can change what I don’t want into something I do want.

The focus is on my adult life, with the addition of events and influences from other time periods when they are relevant. My hope is to write a full and nourishing story for women, in small pieces via this blog. Everything may not be in chronological order. There are lots of inconsistencies. Categories overlap. But I will try to include everything that is important. Here goes:

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