Taoist Sexual Secrets

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Cover Taoist Sexual Secrets

The morning after I started using the Taoist Sexual Secrets audio program I received a dream message: “You have just saved your life!” I took this to be quite literal, as—at that time– I was having difficulties with circulation in my legs and feet. It was also a message about the quality of my life, which has dramatically improved as a result of this program.

The longer I’ve worked with it, the more energy I have and the more joy I am experiencing on a daily basis. This program is not what you might assume from the title. It’s not focused on sexual positions or exotic activities. It’s not even focused on sexuality with a partner. It’s actually a very down to earth MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM that was kept secret for a very long time because it is so empowering.   It is a presentation of specific meditations and exercises that promote health and pleasure. It’s all about the optimal cycling of energy through the entire body: clearing, integrating, and empowering all of our energy centers.

The presenters, Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD and Lee Holden, are deeply knowledgeable and engaging. I cannot say enough good things about this program, so I have made a link to it through both the Amazon and Sounds True web sites. (If you click through from my website I receive some money from your purchase, so –if you benefit from what’s on my site- this is a way of saying “thank you” that is very much appreciated.