Catstone.org is dedicated to the empowerment of women.

I want to help you use what you already have to get what you truly want for your life.

For me, empowerment has meant “full expression,” and I have dedicated my life to it. At first I thought I was just in a process of healing from childhood trauma. But after working with my spiritual teacher, I now realize that what I’ve been pursuing is much bigger than healing. It is something I never expected to find: a totally new and wonderful understanding of what it means to be female.

One of the gifts of being a woman is that we are wired for relationship., so as someone who has gone into areas that may be unfamiliar, I want to share what I have found that has helped me to get what I want. I’ll be doing this mostly stories from real life experience:

* Stories about my own quest for empowerment.

*Stories from the lives of other women.

*Stories of my adventures in the Dreamtime

I also offer you Shamanic Journeying. Through this process, I will travel energetically on your behalf into a larger reality than we typically access in our waking lives. By doing this I will bring you resources for expressing the person you truly are and materializing your heart’s desires.



Carolyn Kahlke

Cat-2009---2aCarolyn Kahlke is an artist and writer with a MA in Counseling Psychology.  She has studied and worked with dreams and shamanic journeying for more than 30 years.  Her primary area of focus has been personal expression and empowerment, especially for women. She is passionately committed to the development of win/win power exchanges between women and men.  She finds that people are drawn to her in periods of transition and she gets great satisfaction from helping them manifest their hearts’ desires during these times.



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