The Cigar Ceremony

Do you remember when I told you about my first session with Ahmayo, when she asked, “What do you want to work on?” If you do, you remember that my answer was, “Money!”   It may be a well kept secret, but I want to tell you something important: The […]

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Bright Socks Chapter 4

  Friday: “I would never have guessed that! What happened?” Catalphia: “Before I started working with Ahmayo many of my dreams featured a large, old fashioned, two-storied wood house. The house had a familiar feeling but I couldn’t place it from any literal experiences. Immediately before my next work with […]

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Bright Socks Chapter 1

Bright Socks   Chapter 1 Catalphia Stone is a close friend of mine. I don’t remember meeting her, but I think it must have been around 1976 because that was the year I became pregnant and everything started to change. Did we share childbirth training? What I do know is […]

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