The Quit Claim Deed

  The Quit Claim Deed When David and I consulted a financial advisor in preparation for starting a family, we started our journey into the unknown world of money. Buy a house,” the advisor said. “We don’t have enough income to qualify for a mortgage,” we said. “Pay cash for […]

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Bright Socks Chapter 3

Bright Socks Chapter 3   Friday: So, did you finish telling me about your first work with Ahmayo? I’m confused about the timing.”   Catalphia: “I can understand that! For me the timing is confusing too. Sometimes important things have happened between my sessions with Ahmayo, and it’s all interactive. […]

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Bright Socks Chapter 2

  Friday: “So how did you go about doing that…allowing the impossible? “ Catalphia: “I just kept doing my everyday life, but with two additions. As I mentioned, I did buy tickets to the lottery, and—what is probably much more significant—I kept working regularly with Ahmayo.“ Friday: “How often did […]

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