Pet & House Sitting

cat-allen-2-smallMature couple promise to respect your home and property

Your home is our home while you’re away. We live there as lovingly and carefully as you do. That’s our promise to you. Cat and Allen are honored to be invited to look after your home, taking the responsibility seriously.

Carolyn Kahlke (Cat) is a writer and an artist.  She leads dream groups and offers individual counseling. She is currently writing a book based on her expanded life after working with a spiritual teacher.

She and Allen Bronstein have enjoyed a long marriage, this year celebrating our 45th anniversary.  Allen is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for telling people’s stories.  His website is,

Both Cat and Allen love animals and plants.  Cat often draws animals and we’ve posted a few of her sketches here for you to enjoy. We have cared for a range of houseplants and gardens, as well as a variety of animals, most notably dogs, cats, hamsters, and chickens. Cat says, “Animals like me, and I get along great with them.  Allen is even more connected with animals than I am.  Every animal I’ve seen him meet has ADORED him!”

It is such a joy to meet and care for your animals while you are away. Thank you for this mutual respect and appreciation.

Cat: cell: 415-870-5071

Allen: cell 415-755-8557

(Of course we have references!)